BH Cosmetics Goodies!

Hi my beauties,

So today I received a package waiting for me at my front door which was a great way to start my day! 🙂
I love receiving packages in the mail. To be honest I think that’s the main reason I get a subscription box each month for the excitement of getting mail. I know… I’m sad haha.

Of course the contents of this box was makeup, would it be anything else!?!

A couple weeks ago I ordered a few things from BH Cosmetics.
If you haven’t heard of BH Cosmetics they are an online cosmetics store based in America of course (as is all good things in life) they have extremely great quality products and amazing cheap prices! Cheap makeup for us Aussies that pay millions of dollars for makeup compared to America. I’m not even sponsored by them but I make a good advertiser for them! haha.  You also cannot go past their SALES! They have the best sales and it seems like they are everyday!

If you have not already, you must go now and look on their site! I guarantee you will not be able to help yourself and will be buying everything!!!

I have shopped with them many times before and am never disappointed.

I made 3 purchases….


Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing palette
6 Colour concealer & Corrector palette &
Creme Luxe Lipstick



6 Colour concealer & Corrector palette in Light
This one comes with 3 concealing colours on top and 3 colour correctoring colours on the bottom.

I am obsessed at the moment with colour correcting palettes, I have been using a cheapy one from eBay to try and loved the way it concealed my dark circles under my eyes and any blemishes.
The way it works is by neutralising the area by using colours, colours directly across from one another on the colour wheel cancel each other out.
The colours that come with a colour correcting palette are generally
Green used for neutralising red, any redness from rosacea, blemishes, acne scarring, birthmarks etc.
Purple/lilac used to neuralise yellow undertones, dullness.
Pink/peach/salmon used to neutralise blue/purple such as under eye dark circles, bruises, dark spots.
You cannot wear the colour correctors without makeup over the top or you will have pink and green patches over your face…. So make sure you put foundation over the top.

I am human just like everyone else and get pimples here and there and sometimes cannot help myself and irritate them and make them red and angry and the green concealer is a life saver. However my favourite is the peach coloured ones for my under eye area.



Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing palette

Contouring and highlighting is really popular at the moment.
And I have personally been lusting over the Mary-Lou Manizer compact from The Balm.
I have not yet got my hands on one but have decided to try this BH Cosmetics one first.
Although it is bronzing aswell I don’t know how I will go using as an actual bronzer because it is very glittery and I prefer more of a matte or slight shimmer bronzer.

But the lighter colours will be perfect for the top of my cheekbones!!!
I LOVE the look of highlighter on cheeks! Gives a beautiful healthy glow.


I did a quick swatch of the colours and am happy with the colours and pigmentation they give. Can’t wait to try them out!



Creme Luxe Lipstick in Moody Merlot

I recently saw a fair skinned girl wearing a deep plum lipstick and loved it, she pulled it off so well!
Being a pale fair skinned girl myself I thought I would give it a go, if she could pull it off why couldn’t I!?
It definitely isn’t a colour I would usually go for, in fact it’s one that I usually stay far away from.
I tried a couple different plum colours at work and decided I needed to get one.
I saw this colour when I was on BH Cosmetics site and had to get it!
I love it!
I put it on and the texture was amazing it was super creamy and soft and felt so hydrating.
It was easy to apply and went on smoothly.
The colour was very strong and vibrant.
I have a photo of it straight on and one where I had pressed it onto a tissue to soften it a bit. I like both of the colours the lipstick was a great purchase.
10 11


Very happy with my purchases from BH Cosmetics as always.
If you have used BH Cosmetics products before let me know down in the comments!
I would love to know what you use and how you are liking them.

Make sure you check them out!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


All opinions are my own.
All photos are my own, taken by myself.


‘Lust Have It’ Unboxing/Review August 2015

Hello Beauties!

I received my Lust Have It box this week.
Unfortunately a couple of my products were damaged in this months bag 😦
It arrived in the usual pink mesh zip up bag! *does happy dance*.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lust Have It, It is a monthly subscription box with 5-6 deluxe sized beauty items and sometimes full size products. Priced at $19.95 a month including postage and handling.




Reed Orange and Poppy seed scrub, 150g. RRP $6.50. Full size.



Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow, 150ml. RRP $49.95. Full size.
Usually we get an email if there is a choice of more than one colour however I did not receive that email this month unlike many others who had the choice, I just got any old colour. No where on the packaging does it depict which colour I have.



Mellow Cosmetics Mineral auto twist liner. RRP $8.00. Full size.

Was suprised when I swatched this on my hand and it came out blue!
I only tend to wear black and brown eyeliners and was happy when I saw this as it appears black, until you get it onto your skin…
However it has a nice fine point that makes a very fine line.


Ulta3 volume & length Mascara. RRP $6.95. Full size.
I am not so sure about this product, for me personally the brand Ulta3 is a very cheap not the best quality brand, they always made cheap nail polishes that weren’t of the best quality and now they have started making other makeup products and I’m scared to use it because these eyes are sensitive and easily irritated.
Plus I’m concerned by the small hairs that I can see all over the brush head.
I know that some mascaras these days have small fibres in them to extend your lashes however these look like dust and fluff and not something you want to put near your eyes.



Mellow Cosmetics Baked eyeshadow. RRP $9.50. Full size.

Unfortunately this product arrived extremely damaged and I can’t use it 😦
I managed a swatch from the lid and the colour is an olive gold. It is very pigmented on the skin but wiped off very easily and there was a lot of fallout.
Overall this months box was a bit of a let down for me 😦 Damaged products and products I probably won’t use.
Hopefully next month’s is a great one!


If you have any questions or opinions/personal experiences with any of these products or would like a review on any specific products let me know, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


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‘Lust Have It’ Unboxing/Review July 2015

Hello Beauties!

You know it’s that time of the month…  Nooo guys not that time of the month!!!
My lust Have It box has arrived!  What did you think I was talking about!
This month it arrived in a pink mesh zip up bag again, yaaay! My whinging about the dreaded cardboard box that I couldn’t re-use has finally paid off and the bags are back, hopefully for more than one box.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lust Have It, It is a monthly subscription box with 5-6 deluxe sized beauty items and sometimes full size products. Priced at $19.95 a month including postage and handling.

Lets get into it….





Be a Bombshell, the one stick. RRP $24.00. Full size.

We had a choice of 2 colours to choose from with this product, I got mine in the colour flustered. It’s a pinky red colour.
It is an all in one stick that you can use on eyelids, cheeks or lips. It does have a nice smooth creamy texture but I don’t know how it would go on cheeks as a blush as it is slightly hard to blend it out and I don’t think I would ever use a redish colour on my eyes either.



Be a Bombshell, Lip Gloss. RRP $21.00. Full size.
Colour ‘Taupeless’

So I tried this lip gloss as a swatch on my wrist and then on my lips and I am not a fan.
It is very thick and gluggy texture and extremely sticky to the point it felt like tacky glue and my lips kinda stuck together on occasions. I understand that shiny lip glosses are generally sticky and tacky on the lips but I’ve not experienced it this bad.
However it definitely stuck on there!  An hour after taking it off I could still feel it sticking my lips together 😦
I’m also not a massive fan of the colour it isn’t a colour I would personally go out and choose for a lip gloss. It was like a orangey nude on my lips.


Hikari Eyeshadow quad. RRP $22.50. Full size.

This eyeshadow quad is nice, I like the colours however I have never worn a green eyeshadow like that one before so I don’t know how much use that colour will get but the others are great, I usually always go towards browns natural nudes for my eyeshadow.
They are highly pigmented and seemed easy to blend out.


Paula’s Choice Resist wrinkle-repair Retinol Serum, 7ml Deluxe sample size.
RRP $52.00, 30ml.

I have tried a few Paula’s Choice products now and they are good, this is a serum for the night to help repair smooth wrinkles, firm skin, and softens fine lines so skin of any age looks and acts younger. I personally don’t have any lines and wrinkles to worry about yet but I’m sure it will be a great product to try in the future.


Racinne Gentle Refining Scrub. RRP $2400. Full size.

I have not heard of this brand before but am excited to try this scrub. It is said to slough off dead skin cells and impurities. Replenish the skins moisture barrier revealing a smoother brighter complexion.


Garnier Fructis Full and Luscious shampoo and Conditioner, 10ml sample bonus.
RRP $5.95, 250ml.

I also got a small sample of the new F’n’L shampoo and conditioner to try.
Garnier Fructis claim that it gives visibly fuller, thicker hair with an extra soft weightless finish.


Overall this months box didn’t exactly have me that excited to try all the products like previous ones have, my personal opinion… I was slightly disappointed.
But I finally got the pink mesh bag again so that it a positive.


If you have any questions or opinions/personal experiences with any of these products or would like a review on any specific products let me know, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


Sammysbeauty xoxo

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hello my Beauties,

I have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by the gorgeous Elisabeth from A little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothin’. So kind of her to nominate my blog! 🙂 I feel so honored and feels great to be noticed.
I think you should all go and have a look at her blog because it is fantastic.

I think awards like this are a great way to help you find other great blogs to read and it’s a nice way to let your fellow bloggers know that you love reading their blog, like giving a small gift of acknowledgment. And of course it’s a great way to find out a little bit about other people.

awardHere are the rules: 

    1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.
    2. Answer the ten questions your nominator has provided.
    3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
    4. Create ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

Everythingandnothin’s questions to me:

1.) How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for about 2 years on this blog.
Before that I had another personal blog which I had for many years.

2.) Do you watch Netflix, if yes, what is your favorite movie or show?
I don’t watch Netflix, however I have heard that it has just arrived in Australia which is pretty exciting because it sounds great. I go through stages where I get obsessed with shows and if I’m not working I watch the show and neglect all my other household duties.
The last TV show that I was obsessing over until I watched it all and now have to wait for the next season to be made 😦 was Pretty Little Liars, if you haven’t watched you must!

3.) Outside or inside?
Depends on my mood but I’m usually an inside person looking out..

4.) Best gift you’ve ever received?
This one is a hard one because I have received many great gifts from my family over the many years I have been on this earth and I couldn’t put it down to one ‘best’ gift.

5.) Favorite tradition?
I don’t necessarily have any traditions that I do all the time.
Except Christmas! I love Christmas day sitting around at home with family and friends however as the years have flown by and I have aged it just isn’t the same anymore, every year seems a little different a few more people some years and a few less others, but I like being able to spend the time with my close family and eat lots of yummy foods!

6.) Biggest regret in life?
Wanting to become an adult.
I hate having to do everything by myself! 😦 paying the bills, controlling the money, making sure finances are in order, making sure there is something on the table for dinner each night, driving myself places, doing all the washing etc. BORING!
I miss being able to shrug it off and say I’ll do it tomorrow I’m gonna go play now.

7.) Favorite hairstyle?
I don’t exactly have a favourite hairstyle, I’m a bit boring when it comes to my hair.
However I have always wanted the bob with longer hair at the front and shorter around to the back, I’m yet to have it though.

8.) Favorite app?
Probably Instagram but only because I use it the most.
If you aren’t already follow me @sammys_beauty_makeup

9.) Best beauty tip?
I have so many great ‘best’ beauty tips I couldn’t put it down to just one.
Make sure you blend your foundation down your neck so you don’t have a line near your chin that is a different colour to your skin tone.
Pink coloured concealers help remove the look of dark under eye circles.
A round flat top kabuki brush for liquid foundation gives the best flawless application and finish.
Put a card under your eyes when applying dark or glittery eye shadows to avoid getting fallout on your cheeks.
And soooo many more!

10.) One food you highly dislike?
This one is easy… Mushrooms!!
I find it easier to tell people I’m allergic so that I don’t have to go anywhere near them things!
Seafood is not my favourite either :s


My questions:

1.) Favourite Beauty product?

2.) Favourite beauty guru to watch on YouTube?

3.) One food you highly dislike?

4.) What is one Place/Country you would love to visit?

5.) Biggest regret in life?

6.) What is your favourite little luxury?

7.) Favorite tradition?

8.) Where do you write your blogs? Do you have a schedule?

9.) Best beauty tip?

10.) If you have spare time, what to you do?


I nominate

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I hope you all repost this on your blogs, make sure you comment and let me know if you do so I can read your answers to my questions and get to know you all better.

Have a wonderful week!


Sammysbeauty xoxo

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Almost at 100 followers!!! General chat and face of the day!

Hello Everyone,

Today I thought I would do a more personal chatty post with you all as I didn’t get a chance in the past week to prep a post between working my butt off and going on a road trip for a few days with my boyfriend and his friend. We went to Wollongong New South Wales which is by the beach, I had never been there before so it was good to see another part of Australia I hadn’t been to. We intended on going out on a boat fishing but unfortunately the weather turned bad and we were stuck fishing off of the bank. Was good to get away for a couple days anyway.

Also I am coming up on 100 followers!!
I am pretty excited to reach 100 as that was a goal for me. I have been slowly counting down every time I get a new follower, and get so excited!
I’m not there yet but I’m so close, I think I have 93 followers right now,
so help me get to 100!

I appreciate every single one of you for stopping by my blog and clicking that follow button. I hope you all still read my blog and enjoy the content.
I would love some feedback on how you guys are liking my posts and what you would like to see more of if there is anything in particular you want to see.
I have been trying to get into a routine of posting every Tuesday so hopefully I can keep that going.

I thought I would show you my makeup of the day from work last week..
My job requires me to wear a full face of makeup and this is how I did my makeup the other day.


I generally like to go for something nice and natural, I always seem to go for brown eyeshadows, it’s my comfort zone and I get stuck doing the same face over and over sometimes.

If you would like more information on the products I used on my face please comment below and I would be more than happy to help.


Hope you all have a great week!


Sammysbeauty xoxo

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Hi Beauties,

So I wanted to do a review on one of my favourite skincare products,
Garnier Micellar Water!

For those who are not familiar with Micellar water, it is a skincare product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin without needing to rinse your face.
Micelles are an active cleansing ingredient which act as a magnet to capture impurities, make-up and sebum on the skin without vigorous rubbing.

Micellar cleansing waters have been very popular lately, I believe the trend started with the Bioderma Micellar Water, which I personally have not tried.

To use the micellar water you just apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe over face, focusing on areas where makeup is more heavy like eyes and lips for longer.


I personally like to wet two cotton pads and hold them onto my eyes for about 20 seconds before wiping away any makeup.


Then I wipe the cotton pad across my eye area to remove any excess.
The Micellar water lifts all the eye makeup off of my eyes


Before and after – Left eye makeup has been removed, right still has makeup on.

The Garnier Micellar water is a cheap alternative to the Bioderma cleansing water at half the price, you can pick it up from Supermarkets (woolworths and Coles) and most pharmacies in Australia (Priceline and Chemist Warehouse etc.) for about $12.99. However you can sometimes get it cheaper on sale. The size it comes in is 400ml which is a very generous amount. And it is definitely worth every penny!

I love this product because you can use it on your eyes and lips and it is fragrance free and therefore is so gentle on your eyes, it doesn’t sting and burn my eyes when I am taking my heavy eye makeup off at the end of the day.
It is light and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily or tight and dry.
And it literally just lifts the makeup and takes it away so easily, it’s amazing. No rubbing is required which my skin really appreciates because otherwise it gets red, sore and irritated.

I only have one negative about this product and that is that I’m almost out of it and I love it too much that I use it all the time, I am gonna have to go buy some more soon. They should make a one litre bottle :/

It doesn’t have a strong scent to it and is fragrance free which is good for people that get irritated by fragrances.
It is nice light and refreshing cooling on your face which is good as it doesn’t leave any residue, meaning you can save time by not needing to rinse it off.

I definitely recommend this product! I love this Micellar water and it works great for me to help remove my makeup before cleansing my face.
It’s a great product to take with you if your going somewhere overnight or for a couple of days and want something to quickly and efficiently take off your makeup at the end of the day or for in the morning to freshen your face. If you don’t have access to running water to wash and cleanse your face properly then this is a great alternative.

Although suitable for all skintypes it was specially formulated for sensitive skin.
It is also Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested.

I will definitely be purchasing this product again and again.
It seriously is a great product and I think everyone should try it!

If you have used this product yourself I would love to hear about your experience and opinion on it. Leave me a comment below.

I wish you all a fantastic week!


Sammysbeauty xoxo

All opinions are my own.
All photos are my own, taken by myself.
Some excerpt’s taken from Garnier website.


Estee Lauder Haul!

Hello Lovelies,
Hope you are all doing great!
Today I wanted to do a quick haul on some Estee Lauder products I purchased a couple weeks ago. I love Estee Lauder products and it has been one of my favourite ‘high end’ brands for quite some time now, we are talking a decent 7 years or so. I am that passionate about the brand that I now work for them also. My job requires me to wear a full face of Estee Lauder makeup, which I definitely have no problem at all with as I love the products. So this haul mainly includes some replenishing of main products I use for my daily face of makeup and a few skincare products that I had run out of.

So here is some of the products that I picked up,

daywear boxday wear

Day Wear Moisturiser creme Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme

This is my all time favourite moisturiser for my face, I use this morning and night. It has SPF 15. It smells amazing, has a slight cucumber scent. It is not heavy or greasy on your face and is really hydrating. I use this after applying Advanced Night Repair Serum over my face, the Hyaluronic acid helps the moisturiser to penetrate deeper into my skin.

ANR eye

Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

Apart of the advanced night repair range this is a great product, helps to reduce the look off every key sign of aging around the eye area, such as fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness and uneven skin tone.
I use this along with Advanced Night Repair Serum all over my face at night before moisturising.

foundation packagingfoundationfoundation colour

Double Wear Foundation Stay In Place Makeup

Double Wear is Estee Lauder’s most popular foundation and with good reason, it has 15 hour staying power which is great for long days at work as it doesn’t move at all. It has a beautiful natural flawless matte finish, with full coverage. However it doesn’t look cakey and is oil free. It also has SPF 10.
I wear the colour Ecru, which is in the intensity 1 because I’m so white with skin tone neutral.
Estee Lauder’s Double Wear comes in many shades with cool, neutral and warm skin tones to suit everyone’s different skin tones.
If you go into a counter I’m sure they will be more than happy to sit you down and colour match you so you get the correct foundation colour for you skin.

concealer packagingconcealer colourconcealer

Double Wear Liquid Concealer, Stay In Place Flawless wear Concealer

Estee Lauder have a ‘double wear’ range that is long wearing ‘stay-in-place’ makeup.
Estee Lauder do two concealers at the moment, one is this liquid concealer I use and the other is a cream compact one that gives a thicker fuller coverage.
I use the liquid concealer in 01 Light, because I’m still white! It doesn’t crease and stays all day!

blush packagingblush top

blushblush swatch

Pure Colour Blush in 02 Pink Kiss Satin

The packaging of this product is so classy and beautiful, it comes in a rectangle gold compact with the Estee Lauder symbol on it.
This colour gives a sheer natural glow it is buildable but I like to start with it light and build it up if I need. It is very blendable.

sumptous brush

Sumptuous Infinite, Daring Lenght + Volume Mascara

This is my ultimate mascara, my favourite, most used, most purchased mascara, i simply love it. I love the lenghth it gives and how it separates all my lashes making them appear much longer and fuller then they actually are. I also love that it doesn’t clump my lashes and I don’t get any fall out or flaking under my eyes. And it is easy to remove.


Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil in Onyx (black)

Another one that is apart of the Double Wear range is this pencil eyeliner that I use everyday! It is so smooth and creamy which makes for easy application. It stays on all day.
And on the other end it has a smudger, which is great when you want to smooth things out or blend and smudge to create a smoky look.

tumultuous pink

Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Tumultuous Pink 240

Estee Lauder do a couple different lipsticks this one is from the Envy range which are a pure colour not matte but give strong pigmented colour. This one is 6 hour wear however I can sometimes get away with longer. It is very creamy which makes for easy smooth application. and it covers evenly and my lips feel moisturised when wearing it it doesn’t dry out my lips at all.
This one is not usually a colour I would generally go for but it is great for work to mix it up and add a darker but bright pink colour to my lipstick collection.


Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick in Suggestive 220

Apart of the new Shine range of lipsticks it is a lighter pink lipstick similar to the Envy lipsticks however with more shine.

lipstick packdesirableDSCN0803

Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Desirable

I also got this lipstick and gloss pack,
A light pink with more of a nude look to it, beautiful creamy and moisturising.

lipstick swatch

Bronze goddess palettebronze goddess palette 2eyeshadow swatcheyeshadow swatch 2

Bronze Goddess The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

I literally have saved the best for last!
When I saw this come out in stores I knew I had to have it!
I love nudes and browns for my eyeshadows and that’s generally all I wear and these colours are perfect for me.
During the Summer season in America (winter in Australia) Estee Lauder releases a ‘Bronze Goddess’ range, It is a limited edition thing. Within the range they have the ultimate ‘summer’ collection (the smells and colours remind me of warm holidays by the beach *drools*) Bronzer, Illuminator/highlighter compact, blush stick, gel liquid bronzer, eyeshadow palette, perfume (that is to die for! smells amazing! current favouorite) a shimmering body oil and a perfumed body creme that smells similar to the perfume.
This palette has 5 nudes and 3 high intensity metallic shades they are all beautiful colours and they are all really blendable and long wearing. I personally find that the 3 high intensity colours are more pigmented then the other 5 but they all still go on great.

So apart of my job is to try the new products and see the results for myself and to educate myself so I know what I’m selling.
And we have had a few new releases and a heap more coming! Cannot wait!

Some of these products were given to me to try for myself.

New Dimension

New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum (not in stores yet)

This is a new serum that is yet to hit stores that I will be trying out.
After using this you’ll see more defined looking facial contours and cheeks and jawline are visibly more lifted. Skin will be more plumped and refined.

renutriv boxRenutriv

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme

Re-nutriv is Estee Lauder’s ‘luxury’ range and this new product is the definition of luxury!
Starting with the packaging… I mean look at that packaging! I don’t even need to explain, it’s clearly luxurious with glass surrounding the gold that the product sits in. the glass creates a diamond look.
This creme is infused with Black Diamond Truffle Extract, one of natures rarest treasures. And is great for multiple signs of aging, lifting, contouring, loss of radiance, loss of firmness, tone, dryness and dehydration. However it comes at a price.

Le Rouge

Modern Muse Le Rouge Perfume (not in stores yet)

This new beautiful fragrance is now my new favourite.
It is a Fruity Floral Oriental scent
Following on from the original Modern Muse and Modern Muse Chic this is a beautiful sweet fragrance.

Well we have come to the end, I hope you enjoyed reading, I spent alot of time on this one as you can tell by the amount of photos etc.
It seems like a lot of products however I didn’t get them all at the same time, I have been gathering them in the last couple months and thought I would do it all in one big haul for you guys.
If you have gotten this far like this post for me so I know you read it! 🙂
I would love to hear if you have used any of these products and what your thoughts and opinions are on them, so leave a comment below and let me know.
Also if you would like me to do a more in depth review on any of these products let me know.

Have a wonderful day!

Sammysbeauty xoxo

All opinions are my own.
All photos are my own, taken by myself.
Some excerpt’s taken from Estee Lauder website.