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Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Bleeding Face


I am running late with my Halloween post this year but I finally have it here for you all to see!

I wasn’t sure what I should create this year and when I did a quick search for inspiration I saw a picture of a girl with blood dripping from her eyes and decided I wanted to recreate my own version…
So if you are looking for inspiration for Halloween costumes/makeup hopefully this will help inspire you.


If you would like to create this scary bleeding face look for your Halloween costume this year then follow my quick tutorial below.
And don’t forget to let me know if you do it and post a photo!


These are the products I used to create this look.


Start with a clean face and pin hair back out of the way, you don’t want your hair sticking to the blood on your face. I’m using this very sexually appealing headband 😉


Apply a light foundation to your entire face to give you that pale sick ghostly look.
This was the lightest foundation I had.
And blend foundation in.
You can also go over the face with a white powder to make it lighter.


Then start applying eyeshadow.



You can use any colours for this look, however I chose to go with dark colours, greys, blacks, whites etc.

I used this black khol pencil to darken and line my eyes


And blend out black eyeliner


You then want to bring the grey colour down to darken your under eye and inner corner.


Apply mascara


Now it’s time for the blood!
Dab the blood under your eye area using finger or cotton tip


Using a cotton tip let the blood drip down your cheek from under your eye.
So that it creates a real dripping blood effect.


The creativity is in your hands for this part, you can do it to both eyes with as many drip lines as you choose.
You can stop there for a bleeding eyes look or continue on and do lips aswell

You want to look ghostly pale and dead so apply concealer or light foundation onto your lips


Then go ahead with the same steps using the cotton tip drip the blood off of your lips and let it run, apply wherever you want the blood to be


I then used this red lipstick on my actual lips because the blood didn’t stay on my lips and I didn’t want to get it in my mouth.


Then you can add other bits where you want them, I added a drop of blood from my nose and then darkened up my eyeshadow with a darker colour to create a more darkened bruised eye.
And your done! Now you can go scare people.
Add a creepy scary costume and go trick or treating or to a Halloween party.





Hope you enjoyed this scary halloween look.
Let me know if you recreate your own version in comments below.
Happy Halloween!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


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