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Almost at 100 followers!!! General chat and face of the day!

Hello Everyone,

Today I thought I would do a more personal chatty post with you all as I didn’t get a chance in the past week to prep a post between working my butt off and going on a road trip for a few days with my boyfriend and his friend. We went to Wollongong New South Wales which is by the beach, I had never been there before so it was good to see another part of Australia I hadn’t been to. We intended on going out on a boat fishing but unfortunately the weather turned bad and we were stuck fishing off of the bank. Was good to get away for a couple days anyway.

Also I am coming up on 100 followers!!
I am pretty excited to reach 100 as that was a goal for me. I have been slowly counting down every time I get a new follower, and get so excited!
I’m not there yet but I’m so close, I think I have 93 followers right now,
so help me get to 100!

I appreciate every single one of you for stopping by my blog and clicking that follow button. I hope you all still read my blog and enjoy the content.
I would love some feedback on how you guys are liking my posts and what you would like to see more of if there is anything in particular you want to see.
I have been trying to get into a routine of posting every Tuesday so hopefully I can keep that going.

I thought I would show you my makeup of the day from work last week..
My job requires me to wear a full face of makeup and this is how I did my makeup the other day.


I generally like to go for something nice and natural, I always seem to go for brown eyeshadows, it’s my comfort zone and I get stuck doing the same face over and over sometimes.

If you would like more information on the products I used on my face please comment below and I would be more than happy to help.


Hope you all have a great week!


Sammysbeauty xoxo


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