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‘Lust Have It’ Unboxing/Review March 2015

Hello Beauties!

Sorry for the late post on this review, I received this about 2 months after March as all the lust have it boxes have been previously delayed and they are still trying to catch up. However they skipped the April box and went straight to May in order to get back up to date with shipping, which I will be reviewing soon!

So this months box arrived in a cardboard black gift box instead of the usual pink mesh zip up bag, which was slightly disappointing because I enjoy the bags. They also forgot to add the card with all the information about the products, where to buy and prices, which was also disappointing, I like to have that info.


For those who are unfamiliar with Lust Have It,
It is a monthly subscription box with 5-6 deluxe sized beauty items and sometimes full size products. Priced at $19.95 a month including postage and handling.




Lonvitalite C4 Coconut milk face mask. RRP $9.95. Full size.

I am still yet to try these amazing masks that I have heard so much about, however I’m getting quite the collection as I am always receiving them in beauty boxes.
I am also still yet to try a full piece mask/peel off mask, so I am excited to try it. Plus it’s a hydrating one and I can always benefit from more hydration for my skin.



Appelles Hair care duo pack, 35ml, Deluxe sample size.
Full size 500ml RRP $68.09.

I have had a few other products by Appelles previously and they are nice. The scent of these hair care products is amazing! The conditioner has a really calming smell and I love that they are made with aromatherapy scents like rosemary and ylang ylang. I can’t wait to try them out.



Urban Skincare Co Body Cleanser, 35ml, deluxe sample size.
Full size 500ml RRP $26.95.

Haven’t used this one yet as I’m currently trying another cleanser however am interested by this as it doesn’t say ‘face’ cleanser it’s a ‘body’ cleanser.  I also like the unusual scent.


6 7

Uriage Tolederm soothing cleansing water 8ml and Tolederm hydra-soothing cream 3ml, sample size.
Full size RRP 250ml cleansing water $29.95 and 30ml cream $39.95.

I have heard about this brand Uriage a bit lately however this will be my first time trying it. It is directed more for people with sensitive skin to help calm the skin from irritation. I love cleansing waters so I will be interested to try that out. Although the samples are very small I may struggle to properly test and form an opinion.


8 9

Model Co BB plus cream (medium). RRP $22.00. Full size.

I love BB creams as they are great for me on my days off of work if I still want to wear some makeup, and I love anything that has hydrating properties. I unfortunately got mine in the shade medium which is never my shade, even in summer when I’m tanned I am still not this dark 😦 #whitegirlproblems.


Overall I wish I could say I’m happy with this months box… But I’m not.
Some of the brands, Lonvitalite masks, appelles and urban skincare brands keep popping up in beauty boxes. It would be good to start seeing some different things in the boxes including makeup.


If you have any questions or opinions/personal experiences with any of these products or would like a review, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


Sammysbeauty xoxo



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