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‘Lust Have It’ Unboxing/Review February 2015

Hello Beauties!

Firstly, I apologise that this post is a little late. As I had previously mentioned in earlier posts my laptop had officially died, no way of fixing it and I had to go without.
I borrowed my boyfriends laptop for the last couple posts and then his had to get repaired for other reasons and we were without again. So then I was waiting for today (it’s my birthday) to receive a new laptop which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday 😀
So now I am with technology again and posts will flow!

So late last week I received my February Lust Have It.

Once again it is late this month, they are still trying to catch up since they were late in December, I don’t think March’s box will be getting here any time near March at this stage.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lust Have It,

It is a monthly subscription box with 5-6 deluxe sized beauty items and sometimes full size products. Priced at $19.95 a month including postage and handling.


It came in the usual pink see through mesh bag


Natural glamour illuminating foundation. 40ml.

RRP $29.95. Full size.

So I got the Foundation in the shade ‘Medium’ which of course was far too dark for my pale skin, as you can see in the photo above. It has a very grey tone tone to it, it looks very dirty in colour and when I rubbed it into my skin more it went more brown in colour. I am not a massive fan of receiving this product as I won’t be able to use it.
However I liked the packaging as it was a squeezy bottle but has a pump top on it.


Natural Glamour 2glo line treatment concealer. RRP $27.95. Full size.

This is a dual ended concealer promises to treat and hide flaws, tighten and moisturise, reduce the appearance of redness and under eye dark circles, pigmentation and other imperfections.  Sounds like a miracle stick!!

I used the concealer which came in shade ‘light’ and suited my skin tone, yay! It did the job of slightly concealing my under eye circles but it wasn’t great. I have found no difference when using the line treatment as of yet.


Designer Brands Black Liquid Eye Liner. RRP $8.99. Full size.

I love eyeliner, but I am terrible when it comes to applying liquid eyeliner! it’s like all of a sudden I can’t hold steady and draw a straight line. I can never make the wing symmetrical or even similar on both eyes, and I give up to quick and go back to gel or pencil. However I managed to get his on really well it went on smoothly and didn’t leave a mess all over my eyelid. I will be sure to try this out again.


20150325_201627-1-1 20150325_202106-1

ULTA3 Plum lip liner. RRP $2.95. Full size.

I don’t usually go for a plum lip colour, but I like this colour on my skin tone. The colour wasn’t too over powering and bright or too dark and it looked really nice when I put a clear gloss over the top.
I was a little skeptical at first knowing that Ulta3 is a cheaper brand and I was worried the quality would be lacking, but to my surprise it wasn’t! It went on smoothly, it was moisturising as much as a lip liner can be. It is a smooth crayon that was easy to apply and the colour lasted quite awhile.
I will definitely be using this again.


Paula’s Choice skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant. 30ml. RRP $12. Deluxe sample size.

Lastly the exfoliant was something I was interested to try as I am currently on the look out for a new exfoliant, however was slightly disappointed at the fact it left a sticky residue on my face and it was unpleasant feeling. I will give it another try but I don’t think I would go out and purchase the full size just yet.

Overall I was satisfied with the contents of this months ‘Lust have it’ however I’m a little disappointed that we couldn’t choose the colours of the foundation, I know a lot of people would have had this same problem, with the concealer as well. I’m also a little disappointed at the late arrival.

If you have any questions or opinions/personal experiences with any of these products or would like a review, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


One thought on “‘Lust Have It’ Unboxing/Review February 2015

  1. Oh..that foundation looks awful.. can anyone use that shade? It looks like mud:/ Lip pencil with gloss looks very good.
    I wanted to try exfoliating solution from Paula’s choice but it’s so expensive. I tried one very mild exfoliating toner from other brand and now bought some different one..also not cheap but cheaper than paula’s choice (at least in my country).
    I think you cac try to use it only at night and apply some cream over after 10 minutes. May be it won’t feel that unpleasant.. unless it feels really nasty:D

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