Cleaning and organisation

Hey guys,

So this isn’t a beauty related post at all but I really felt like getting it out there anyway.

After living away from home you begin to mature and your likes and dislikes change as time goes on, you have to learn to do things by yourself for yourself… like cleaning and keeping your home organised and clutter free.

I’ve lived away from home for the past 3 years or so and in that time I’ve learnt to do all those things I once hated and refused to do (household chores) and I’m afraid to say I’ve become to enjoy them!! 😮
Yes you read correctly, I said I enjoy cleaning and organising my house!! I know I must be sick!

I hate people telling me what to do and how to do it and I think that’s why as a child/teenager I never wanted to do those household chores because I was told to.

Lately I have been going through a crazy DIY cleaning spree and pinterest has become my bestfriend!
There is so many house organising and cleaning tips and tricks and ideas on there that I want to try them all.

When you want to clean something in particular and you’re still fresh out of home and you want to know how a kettle or microwave should be cleaned you would generally type it into google and it would come up with pages worth of writing on how to clean something, you’d look at that and be overwhelmed by the amount of words and lack of pictures and give up or call mum for help.
Or maybe you would open another 5 links before you find something with only half the amount of writing, read through it to find the last sentence tells you all you needed to do was put vinegar and water in the kettle for 20mins. Why couldn’t they just upload a simple picture like this that describes that easily.


That’s were pinterest comes in… pinterest is pictures!!! You can literally type into pinterest “how to descale a kettle”


or “how to clean microwave”

microwave 1

and it comes up with millions of pictures showing you what to do, it really is the best thing ever.
Sometimes I just cannot be bothered reading a whole lot of unnecessary stuff to get to the part I need to know, now I just go straight to pinterest to save time. Some pictures even have a ‘before and after’ I mean who doesn’t love seeing evidence that it actually works!!?
Anyway soon I will be out of the house more and will need to be more organised with my cleaning because I know when I get home from a big day at work the last thing I want to be doing is cleaning! And I definitely don’t want to leave it all to the weekend or my day off to do all the cleaning that I could have been doing throughout the week.

So slightly crazy ocd me made a cleaning schedule! And I love it!

cleaning schedule1

It works out easier for me to spend 5-10minutes cleaning each day then to spend my whole day off cleaning the whole house. Logical right?

Having a clean house makes me happy. Makes me feel clean fresh and organised mentally.
Who doesn’t like making things easier for themselves!?

organisation   < Look at all those ideas!

Pinterest is full of pictures that are fun and creative tips and tricks that you can easily try to keep your home organised, clean and clutter free.
I swear the pinterest world is never ending! haha

Here is a great cleaning tip for the microwave…

I know I can’t be the only one who makes a mess in the microwave and just shuts the door and sneaks away like it never happened, then when you go back to clean it you have to scrub to get all that baked on mess off.
Well scrub no more!!!!
Put some white vinegar into a cup/bowl/jug whatever you have on hand into the microwave for 2 minutes and then leave it to sit for 5 minutes after, the steam will help loosen the mess in the microwave and you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth! No scrubbing, no elbow grease, no chemicals.

Vinegar works great for cleaning the kettle too! And pretty much anything else you have in your house that might need cleaning! :/

See what I did there.. I wrote a whole lot of words and put the simple tip down the bottom, I totally didn’t even mean to do that, really.

Well my friends, if your still reading this THANKS! 😀 and make sure you like it or comment and let me know 🙂
Comment if you have any awesome cleaning organising tips and let me know if you are as obsessed with pinterest as I am!?
Oh and of course let me know if you have tried the vinegar in the microwave trick.

Sammysbeauty xoxo

The opinions are all my own.
The photos are not my own.
Exception of cleaning schedule.


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