Coming back!

Hey guys,

So a little update (if I still have any followers)
I know I’ve been the worst blogger but I have been planning big stuff!

I currently don’t have a laptop at all anymore 😦 I have been having problems with it for months now and it finally just died.
So it’s a new year and I want to make a better effort here for you guys, and myself.

During the Christmas period I gathered more beauty products then any one woman needs! I got a brand new camera that I have started vlogging with, YES you read correctly I have started filming myself talking in front of the camera about beauty products and putting my makeup on and then washing it off 10 minutes later, I have even edited some of the videos and made them youtube ready, practicing what I need to do and how to do it, choosing what the best programs to use are. HOWEVER I still can’t bring myself to post them on the world wide web! It’s scary. Plus I don’t think I’m ready for the criticism yet.

Also set up a little corner of a room in my house as my ‘beauty/filming area’ which my boyfriend hates! haha.

For Christmas I signed up to ‘Lust have it’ which is a beauty box subscription, you receive 5-6 sample sized products and sometimes a full sized product every month for $20!
I use to get ‘Bellabox’ however there quality started getting bad and I started to receive the same products each month, like old reject left overs from previous months boxes. And never received any of the products that they advertised the boxes having. So I cancelled that and have moved onto Lust have it, which I am loving so far.
I plan to do a monthly unboxing of my lust have it box.
(December and January will be up soon)
I also filmed these 2 unboxings but I don’t think I will be posting the videos online.

So with no computer of my own to do all this and keep my stuff stored it is quite difficult but I will persevere and hopefully you guys will stay and enjoy.
Let me know if there are any blog posts you would like to see me do?
What type of posts you like?
And if I should post videos?
Your opinions are much needed to help my blog grow, so I can create interesting posts you guys will read and enjoy!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


4 thoughts on “Coming back!

  1. I totally understand what you mean about posting videos. I thought about it for months before finally starting to post them over the summer. Yeah, you deal with a few rude comments here and there and a BUNCH of girls self-promoting to you, but overall I’ve gotten so many nice comments and a lot of support. And it keeps getting better the more established I get. I really hope you decide to post what you’ve made! It’s easy to put it off because “it isn’t perfect yet,” but if it’s something you really love, you’ve got to start somewhere. Let me know if you have any specific questions, too!

    1. Thanks for your comment it was kind and inspiring.
      I went and had a look at your youtube channel I love it! Your videos are great.
      What video editing software do you use?
      Sammy xo

      1. Thank you! That’s so sweet. I started out using a super old version of iMovie, but now I use Final Cut Pro X, and sometimes Adobe After Effects for text animations. I’m also familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro as well.

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