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I have an obsession…

With lipgloss, chapstick, lip balm, anything to moisturise my lips!!

At the moment these are the current products I am using…
Yes, It might seem like a lot but I have them left all over the place so there is always one near by when I need.



Papaw ointment –

My mother used this on me throughout my childhood years so it was something we always had in the cupboard, however once it became one of the ‘in’ things to have I used it out in public more.
It is the best for dry, cracked, chapped lips and I swear by it as the best product I have used ever for my lips.
It is a thick texture (unless you leave it in your hot car then it just turns to an icky liquid!) Goes on nicely but is a bit sticky and you don’t require much of it. However stays on for ages!
It has a slight yellow transparent colour but goes on clear.
And it’s just that good because it is a basic product in it’s raw state that doesn’t have all these added properties like most other products have that ruin it. It has a slight scent but it’s not unbearable, it’s a papaya smell I think.
I keep these in my handbag and on my bedside table. This is my go to lip product everytime!
Definitely an essential in every girls life!



Nivea Lip Care –

Nivea is a brand I always use, I haven’t had any problems with any of their products and they always work great for me. I have had several of these lip balms and I think I like this one the most now.
When I first got this strawberry lip balm I hardly used it because the colour was so red (to dark for my liking at the time) Plus I had most of the other ones to use also, so I stuck with them more so, but I slowly started to use it and started to like how it added that bit of colour. I now use it mainly for when I want a pop of colour but a moisturising effect also.
The texture is oily but it’s not a bad thing. It applys smoothly and stays on for ages. It smells delicious also! Who wouldn’t want to smell sweet like strawberries?
This is one I like to keep in my car to add that little pop of colour whenever I need it.


20140617_210708 20140617_210756

Maybeline Baby Lips –

I have seen that many beauty guru’s that I follow with this lip balm and I had been meaning to try it out for awhile but it wasn’t til recently that I tried it.
This one is the mixed berry flavour that has a nice smell that makes you want to eat it! However I don’t recommend doing that!
It has a light pink colour but when applied to your lips comes out darker, but I don’t mind that. It’s very moisturising… for the first 15 minutes, then it kinda dries my lips out a bit.
This one I leave in my makeup bag.


20140617_211030 20140617_211148

Avon Plumping Lip Conditioner –

This is sooo good. It is just like a lipstick only a creamy pinky nude colour that moisturisers and conditions… which is obviously something you want in a lip balm/conditioner.
It does say plumping but in my opinion there is none of that happening.
Unless they mean the slight natural colour and shine it gives your lips makes them look fuller then I could see how that would work, but when I use this my lips aren’t much different.
It applies effortlessly and has a nice subtle smell.
I think this one is a beauty essential. It’s even nice just to put under a normal lipstick colour.
This one I like to keep on my dressing table with my lipsticks.


20140617_211318 20140617_211331

Chapstick –

As you can see this is is a limited edition one however no different to the original, I think it’s just the packaging that’s different.
Chapstick is a classic, something from childhood memories, I have always loved chapsticks and they have always been the one balm I have on me.
I use to always get the strawberry flavour which has a very distinct smell (not as strawberry as you think it would be) but after smelling it on someone else who constantly mixed it with cigarettes and listerine breath strips the scent started to bother me and I had to stop using it.
I am now back to using it again but the original flavour instead which doesn’t have much of a scent.
It applies to lips smoothly and doesn’t dry my lips out, which a lot of people claim happens to them, but products are different for everyone.
This one I like to keep in my car, so it’s always there for me when I get dry lips.


20140617_211352 20140617_211417

Nivea Lip Butter –

Another Nivea and it is seriously so moisturising. This is one I like to put on just before bed it doesn’t dry up quickly or leave my lips feeling gross.
It’s a thick texture that goes on easily and stays on!
I also like that it’s unscented and is clear so just adds a shine to my natural lip colour.
The only thing I dislike is the packaging, I dislike having to put the product on with my finger. And I struggle to easily get the lid off. Not the best to use when your in a rush.
This one I leave on my bedside table so that I can use  it each night before bed. Another essential!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


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