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New Hair!

Hi Lovelies,

So awhile ago I posted about growing long hair, well over the last few months I have been contemplating cutting my hair off!
I wanted to for many reasons but then again I didn’t want to cut it at all.
Anyway over the weekend I decided to just bite the bullet and go do it.

I got it trimmed and layered and got a side fringe cut into it.
I now have to train the fringe to go where it is supposed to sit which is very annoying but just means lots of bobby pinning.
I didn’t get too much cut off as I didn’t want to be in shock by it, so im going to slowly go shorter.

So that’s enough rambling for me, here are some photos.



Looks so ratty, messy and unhealthy.




Sammysbeauty xoxo


5 thoughts on “New Hair!

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      I have had a fringe for most of my life and front straight fringe then I changed to a side and then when I grew my hair out I decided to let the fringe grow out also.
      I didn’t like not having a fringe.
      Sammy xo

      1. I have somehting like side fringe and I think it’s very comfortable. You can put it more like actually side fringe, covering part of your forehead or to blend with other hair like you don’t have any fringe. I think it’s a good choice for those who can’t decide:)

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