Nails of the week

Hello girls!

So here is my nails of the week.

This week I wore a bright coral colour

I only recently got this polish and it’s from sinful colour and I am already in love with it.

It looks very dark in this picture (sorry about the quality) but in day light out in the sun it is a much orange coral colour and less red pink.



Okay so I know your thinking ‘what the!! that polish isn’t even the same colour on the nails as the bottle’
I know, like I mentioned it’s not a very true to colour photo as it was dark and I had bad lighting but it’s the only photo I could get at the time.
The colour becomes brighter and more orange/pink during the day with the sun on it.

If you have any questions leave me a comment! 🙂

Sammysbeauty xoxo

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2 Responses to Nails of the week

  1. I love this nail polish. My nails feel stronger after using and the colour glides on and evens out perfectly. Love the colour

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