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Day of the dead halloween makeup look

Hello all!
So with Halloween quickly approaching I thought I would do a few Halloween looks.

Although here in Australia we don’t really celebrate Halloween all that much, I still enjoy doing the makeup.
Plus this year I’m going to choose a look and wear it on the night when the little kids in my neighborhood come trick or treating! 🙂  Hopefully I won’t scare them, as they are only very little!

And I know this is being posted really late considering it’s Halloween tomorrow! Sorry about that but I am still having problems with my laptop and now it doesn’t even turn on and charge at all! 😦 But I luckily uploaded this photos before it died on me. However the other look I did might not be out til after Halloween :/
But you can use them as inspiration for next year! 🙂

Anyway this is the first look I did which is the day of the dead face, sometimes be known as a sugar skull.

Day of the dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout mexico and around the world in other cultures. It is the gathering of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family memebers who have died. It is celebrated on the day of Halloween (31st october)

It’s the second time I’ve done this look before, I did it about 3 years ago or something just for fun and I must say I’m getting better.
Although I have a very unsteady/shaky hand when it comes to doing fine details and I could not do the half circles around my eyes to save myself! :/

This look is a very fun look as you can be as creative as you want and go crazy because there is no ‘right’ way.

Some people choose to put a spiderweb some choose to put a rose.
Myself I chose a spiderweb because I know how uncreative I am and how bad and unsteady I am a rose would have been a mess!


This is what you will need:
– Face paint white and another colour of your choice to go around eyes.
– A black or coloured eyeliner to use to draw lines and things on your face
– Black matt eyeshadow
– Sponge to apply the face paint
– Powder to set the face paint

Step 1:

Apply white face paint to whole face (you can avoid eye area as you will be painting this another colour


Step 2:

Using another colour of face paint, paint around the eyes in this circular shape

Step 3:

Draw on a skeleton shape nose

Step 4:

Draw a black line around the red eye face paint you did in step 2

Step 4:

Using the black eyeliner draw half circles around the black line you just drew around the red eyes

Step 5:

draw a curved line on either side of your lips
and shade in the middle/inside of your lips with black eyeshadow

Step 6:

Draw little black lines a centimeter apart all along your lips and the lines you have drawn on the sides of your mouth

Step 7:

draw on a spiderweb or a rose your choice, on your forehead

Step 8:

Draw a heart on your forehead under the spiderweb

Step 9:

Shade in with black eyeshadow on your eyelids

Step 10:

Draw on swirls with black eyeliner on your cheeks and chin

And your finished!


I’d love to see your halloween looks!!!

And If you use this halloween look make sure you comment and tell me so I can have a look!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


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