Hey guys!
So I’m not sure if your aware or not already but the colour orange is ‘in’ this coming summer!

So I’ve been trying to hunt down the perfect orange lipstick.

However I am not a massive fan of orange… And I cannot pull off the bright red lips look so I don’t know how I will go with orange.
Anyway I have found a few different ones I kind of like but I am still avoiding buying any because I am worried I won’t wear it and I’ll look awful.

So these are just a couple that I swatched recently whilst trying to choose which one to buy.
However I am stupid and forgot to get the names/brands of each one and can’t remember because it was a week ago now, so I’m sorry about that.
But if you desperately want to know any of these colours I can probably go back and have a look for you, I know what most of the brands might be.
They were just from priceline, so major drugstore brands. Leave me a comment if you want to know.

I’ve just done some close up pics here of each swatch.

SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGI was running out of hand space..

So as you can see some of the colours are a bright orange some darker, and some are more peachy and some more pink.

Which one do you like? and which would you wear?

Have you got any orange lipstick? And do you like wearing it?

I’d love to hear from you, so leave and comment and let me know!  🙂


Sammysbeauty xoxo


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