Cleaning makeup brushes

Hello beauties!

Today I will be showing you how to clean your makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes are an investment and you want to care for them and keep them in the best quality you can.
Bits of makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria can get trapped  in your brushes after each use, gross right!?
So you want to deep clean your brushes on a regular basis about once every week, it should be apart of your beauty routine, it might seem like a tedious task but it is something you definitely want to do to help avoid break outs, clogged pores and the spread of bacteria.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

You should use a daily brush cleaner to quickly clean them after every use however you should also aim at doing a deep clean once a week,
depending on how much you use your makeup brushes.
If you are a makeup artist using the same makeup brushes on clients I would recommend cleaning them after every use as you don’t want them to be dirty or have excess makeup from the time before.
Plus this prevents the spread of bacterias and makes them much softer.

When it comes to a deep clean some people will recommend you use a cake of soap, some will say shampoo and conditioner, some will say a professional brush cleaning product and some will say dish washing liquid or liquid soap mixed with olive oil is the way to go.
Personally I have tried all of these things and I like the plain ol’ cake of soap, and if I want to soften the bristles after I will use some oil also.

There are many different ways to do this and products to use but this is just the way I do it.

What you will need:
– A cake/bar of plain soap
– water
– a dish or palm of your hand
– towel for drying

Gather all the brushes you are going to clean.

Start with all your brushes close by, I always start with the bigger brushes first

Wet your brush under warm running water (not hot!)


Using the soap you want to move your wet brush in circles on the cake of soap making sure the soap is getting all over the bristles of the brush and in the middle


It will look something like this…


You then want to move the brush in circular motions on the palm of your hand

When wetting/cleaning your brushes always hold them downwards so that the water doesn’t seep into the aluminum part as that can ruin the brush and cause the bristles to come out.


Continue to circle in the palm of your hand until you build up a lather
Then start to rinse the brush under the warm water until the water is running clear and no more colour/product is coming out (I continue to use circular motions for this)

You then want to reshape the bristles of your brushes as you go and lay them flat to dry on a towel.


Make sure you use an old towel or something you don’t mind getting stained as some brushes may leak coloured dye onto the towel whilst drying.


You can also try drying your brushes like this, roll one end of the towel your drying them on and make sure the brushes lay with the handle end up higher so the water doesn’t go down into the brush handle and damage it


And then leave your brushes to dry (this takes a long time) I recommend leaving them overnight to dry.
So make sure if you are going to put makeup on for the day do it before washing your brushes.

Hope this was helpful to anyone who doesn’t know how to wash makeup brushes.

Leave me a comment! I love to read your replies! 🙂

Sammysbeauty xoxo


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