My Cousin’s Wedding

Hello Lovelies!

So over the weekend just past I went to Adelaide (South Australia) to my cousins wedding.
Most of my family live in Adelaide so I got to catch up with them all at the wedding (I have a very small family)

So my boyfriend and I set off on our journey and this is where we stayed, right infront of the beach!




Just a quick selfie to let the family know we were here!


Driving to the wedding, which was at a winery and was beautiful!!!

I didn’t get any makeup or full outfit shots because I got my makeup redone once I was at the wedding from my cousin who is a makeup artist and she touched my makeup up a little for me.
And then I gave my phone to my boyfriend to look after for the rest of the time we were there and didn’t get any photos…
But My family members all had camera’s and were snapping away so I will get some photo’s later on.


This was a cute little Polaroid shot from a camera that printed the photo out to stick in the guest book, such a great wedding idea!

bride and groom

And this is the gorgeous Husband and Wife!

cutting cake

This was such a beautiful wedding! And Chloe did such a great job planning it all.
So many cute wedding ideas! And I loved the rustic, old fashioned, traditional theme it had.
Congratulations guys and welcome to the family Chloe 🙂

Sammysbeauty xoxo


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