So as you can obviously guess from the heading today’s post is about tanning!

As it’s coming into summer here in Australia I needed to start working on my tan.

I have used a few different tans in my time of tanning.
And my favourite tan would be St Tropez Tan Lotion. It’s honestly the best tan EVER!
I have never had a professional spray tan done, the thought of it kind of freaks me out a little as I always see bad spray tans gone wrong, where you end up orange like you’ve been rolling around in a giant bag of doritos! Yumm!
I also get a little concerned when it comes to tan in a can in mousse form, I just think that stuff goes on to patchy and dries up to quickly and is far to orange. An example of this would be the SugarBaby tanning range, I have friends that swears by it but personally I don’t think it’s that nice and doesn’t look natural.
When it comes to a tanning product I always go with a lotion as I prefer the way it goes on and you have enough time to spread it evenly.

I also always use the same Moisturiser on my legs as I find it works best for me.
It’s the Dove Summer Glow and I have been using this for about 5/6 years.


Before I started using an actual tanning lotion I used to just use this every day and as it has a gradual self tanner in it I would slowly get a bronzed look, as well as sitting in the sun and soaking up the rays that would make me very dark naturally. However I don’t recommend spending too much time under the sun trying to tan because of the damage it will do to your skin and of course as we all know the skin cancer risk.
You can however get some tanning oils that have SPF30+ in them such as this one from Banana Boat and one from Reef

banana boatreef

Anyway moving on…
I always used St Tropez tanning lotion until I was told about Summer Tan which is apparently amazing and better then St Tropez and at half the price! Which is great considering how expensive St Tropez is.
So this was my first time using the Summer Tan lotion and it’s in dark.
And to be honest, it is amazing! I agree that it is better or just as good as St Tropez. In fact it comes out more darker but still natural looking so I rate this one highly.
And I think the prices are very affordable for the Summer Tan range.

The 250ml bottle usually costs around $20 but you can sometimes find it on sale.


Don’t be alarmed by the colour! Yes it’s brown and it is going to go onto your skin brown! That’s how it works. But it fades as you rub it out and spread it over your skin.


When choosing a tan something to look out for is if the actual product itself is of a dark brown/greenish colour or if it’s got more of an orange tone.
This will easily help you to know what is better to purchase,
A greenish tone to the brown tan means it will go on as a more dark brown rather than that fake orange look (which no one honestly wants)

Tanning on your face can be a very daunting idea, for years I have avoided putting fake tan on my face as I don’t want to look uneven or orange or too dark.
And yesterday I tried for the first time tanning my face!!!
The easiest way to tan your face (also works for your feet) is to place a moisturiser in the palm of your hand and then squirt a little bit of the tan on then run hands together and spread onto face like a face moisturiser.
Allow the tan to develop for a couple of hours and then rinse your face.
This worked for me, I didn’t end up with an orange or brown face, or uneven and patchy.
I also do this method on my feet also!

Have some gloves handy, the tan can very quickly stain your hands so what i like to do is use gloves when applying the tan to a larger area such as my legs or arms so the tan isn’t on the skin on my hands for too long.


I would usually use my St Tropez tanning mitt but it’s currently at my mums house so I had to go next best thing and get some gloves.


– Exfoliate your body, or specific parts in which you want to tan before tanning and shaving.

– Shave your legs before applying tan to them.

-Moisturise before tanning, especially around your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and collarbone (or any other rough/dry patches of skin)

– Use a tanning mitt or gloves to apply the tan so you don’t end up with really tanned hands.

– Wash hands very well after use, you can also use a tan remover to wash your hands with after application.

– Don’t wear white/light coloured or any nice clothing after applying tan

– Try to avoid sleeping on white or light coloured sheets

– Allow for maximum development time (I usually put it on during the day/arvo and then sleep with it and wash it off the next day.

– If tanning by yourself make sure you do it in front of a mirror so you can make sure you don’t miss any spots!

This is the before and after


The after photo (right) is straight after application with no developing time.

The next morning after applying the tan I washed it off in the shower and the tan had developed beautifully!
The tan had gotten much darker on my skin and was so natural looking smooth and had no patches or anything I loved it!
After a couple more days I will do the same thing again to make sure it stays longer and gets darker (as I am trying to tan for a wedding)
I will post a photo of my legs next time I do the tan.
Sorry for not posting a picture of the day after but I forgot to take one.
So stay tuned!

Sammysbeauty xoxo


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