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Hello Girls!


Yes today’s topic is one we all dread! Shaving! In specific, legs.

So I know that I am definitely not the only girl out there that hates shaving, it’s so time consuming and just annoying to do.
I don’t know how girls can shave there legs in the shower, I mean without wasting a whole lot of water… I personally don’t shave my legs whilst i’m showering I do it out of the shower but still in the bath tub.

There is so many things you need to have or know and sometimes it can be daunting!
First there is exfoliator’s there is so many options out there, I’ve personally use scrubs and now I use a exfoliating mitt (glove)
There’s shaving creams or soaps!
And then there’s what razor you should use!! There is literally SO many out there but which one do you use!!?!
I get so overwhelmed when I have to buy a new razor.
I find it’s sometimes better to use mens razors as they seem to last longer as men have more coarse hair.
I always go for 5 blades. With a movable head.
I try to keep away from disposable razors, and go for a razor that I just have to buy new heads for.
I find razors are very expensive and I don’t know why they need to be, it’s frustrating as it’s something you need to buy!


I recently got this new razor
It is seriously the best razor I have used and I can get replaceable heads for it so I don’t have to buy a new razor every time.

I get so lazy with shaving my legs! Especially over winter! And now as we are coming into summer I have to get back into the swing of things as I can’t hide those legs anymore! I also need to get back into tanning again to get me nice and browned for summer!

Here is a few tips for shaving,

– Make sure you start at the bottom of your leg (ankle) and work your way up
– Exfoliate your legs before you shave
– Use warm water on your legs before shaving to help open the pores- Moisturise your legs after shaving
– Never shave on dry skin
– Always use a shaving cream or soap lather when shaving

If you have any other tips on shaving I’d love to hear them.
Leave me a comment.


Sammysbeauty xoxo


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