Mini Haul / Red Lipstick!


Hello everyone!
So the other day I went out to purchase Grand Theft Auto 5!!! I was so excited about this as I’ve been waiting for it for 5 years! I am a massive GTA fan!

I then had a look at some clothes and ended up making a few purchases.
I needed some cotton tips and went to Priceline.
While there I overheard a lady telling some people they were having a sale on covergirl products and I have been wanting to get the LipPerfection Jumbo Lip Balm for awhile now.

From Priceline I purchased a new wide toothed comb, cotton tips, red lipstick and a jumbo lip balm.



Deciding what colour Lip Balm I should get.

I have also been wanting to try out a red lipstick for awhile, I’m not sure if I am able to pull it off. And I’m not really a massive fan of bright red lips but I wanted to give it a go anyway.
I swatched a coulple of reds and an orangey red to help decide which one I should get, and then found a red lipstick from the brand Savvy and bought that instead as it was much cheaper only $4 compared to $12 and I was almost out of money.


Deciding on red lipsticks


I ended up choosing a different lipstick all together, so indecisive haha.
I really liked the Make a wish colour but I didn’t get it I might go back one day soon and get it, I think it would be a great summer colour as orange is apparently ‘in’ this summer!
I’m not usually a fan of orange but I really do like this colour!

Can you pull off the red lips look?
I’d love to  see your red lip look!
Leave me a comment!

Sammysbeauty xoxo

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13 Responses to Mini Haul / Red Lipstick!

  1. TheLoverList says:

    I ADORE a red lip. It instantly makes me feel confident!

  2. anastasiias says:

    I have red lipstick and red lip gloss! I like red lipstick, but wear it very rare. Actually I’m in love with bright colors. I don’t know why I don’t apply them more often. Usbally I attract too much attention with bright lipstick:D

  3. amandabambii says:

    Ahhh I’ve been playing gta 5 too, I also love gta!

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