Makeup Brushes


Today is a post on the makeup brushes I have, and the ones I use frequently.
My makeup brushes are from M.A.C, Napoleon Perdis and Estee Lauder
I had always wanted makeup brushes for years and then I finally got these, I have had them for about 3 years but don’t always use them as I don’t always wear makeup.


These are the ones I use frequently whenever applying makeup


Foundation and concealer –


This is my love!!!
Beauty Pod! This is a cheaper version of the ‘Beauty Blender’ it is cheaper and works the exact same as the beauty blender.
If you don’t have one of these you need to go buy one, right now!
I swear by this little sponge, it’s amazing! BEST thing I have ever used!
It gives your foundation/concealer an absolutely flawless air brush finish, every time!
It’s easy to use, and easy to clean and is just an all round amazing product.
I use the larger rounded end for applying foundation and I use the pointed end for getting into those hard to reach spots, such as around eyes and sides of nose etc.

Blush, bronzer, contouring and mineral foundation –
These two brushes aren’t M.A.C brushes


I use the Angled contouring brush for exactly that, contouring.
And I use the Powder brush for mineral powder foundation and blush.

Eyeshadow –


I use all these brushes for applying eyeshadow.

Eyeliner –


I use either of these brushes to apply eyeliner and to smudge/blend.

Lashes and Brows –


If you would like any info specifically on the brushes I have posted, or any of the other brushes in my kit that I don’t use frequently then leave me a comment and I will gladly get back to you.

What brushes do you like to use ?
** I would like to apologies for the terrible quality of the photos **

Sammysbeauty xoxo


9 thoughts on “Makeup Brushes

  1. What kind of sponge is that?! I use the real beauty blender & love and swear by it. I’m intrigued if you’ve found a cheaper dupe!

    1. Hey lovely, I have just updated the post with a picture of the packet it came in for you.
      It is a dupe of the beauty blender, it’s called the Beauty Pod airbrush fx sponge.
      You can buy it online and at wholesale cosmetic warehouse stores (usually only for people who work in the industry)
      And I always see them in YouTube videos and blogs.
      The side of the box has all it’s good values and great things it does written on it haha but I couldn’t get a photo properly but it says it all on this website,
      They retail for about $12.50!!!
      Hope that helps 🙂
      – Sammy xo

      1. That’s awesome thanks 🙂 I might have a look at some beauty supply shops around me. Is it the same density/texture as the beauty blender? If you’ve ever tried it 🙂

      2. That’s okay 🙂
        I personally haven’t tried the real beauty blender but most who have done reviews on both say it’s the exact same. And it’s easier to hold the Beauty Pod with the way it curves.
        But let me know what you think if you get one and try it.
        – Sammy xo

      3. That’s awesome 🙂 I’ll see of they carry it at my beauty supply stores. I think it would be great to do a comparison

  2. I use sigma brushes & a couple of real techniques. I have a napoleon paradise eyeliner brush which is amazing, and more from different brands 🙂

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