$20 makeup challenge!

In Australia!? Is that even possible???
Yes, almost, kinda..

Yes, I attempted to do the $20 makeup challenge and if you live in Australia you can understand just how difficult this actually is.

I set off to Target as I heard that’s where they sell the brand Essence. Essence is a very cheap affordable brand and believe it or not they do have some nice products considering the price.
Apparently the mascara I got ‘I love extreme crazy volume’ is very popular in the UK and USA so I was told.


As you can see I didn’t purchase a foundation as I couldn’t afford it with the $20 budget, so instead I got a concealer.
The eyeshadow I chose is in a pink shimmery colour and I chose that colour because I didn’t own anything like that colour.
I chose the lightest lip liner they had in ‘hot chocolate’ and the lipstick is from a different brand, Lips and the colour is ‘Auburn’.
I chose the mosaic compact powder as I could use it as both a bronzer for contouring and a blush.








And the total came to $21.40!
Just over budget but not by much. So it is possible to get a makeup look for under $20 but you might want to cut back on something like either a lipstick or lip liner not both and do what I did and buy a concealer instead of a full face foundation.

So this is the look I created with using these products,







The completed look

Let me know if you have tried the $20 makeup challenge and how you went.
I’d love to hear you feedback.

Sammysbeauty xoxo


9 thoughts on “$20 makeup challenge!

  1. It went good:) I heard that it’s expensive in your country to buy make up. I can manage to fit in 20$, but not sure which quality of foundation I can take with this money. Foundation is the most expensive thing:)

    1. Yeah it is so hard! I don’t understand why it has to be so expensive here and not everywhere else 😦
      Okay that’s lucky for you. I wish I could get cheap makeup! Foundation really is over priced.
      – Sammy xo

      1. I think it’s cheaper to go all natural and not to put make up:) Or need to gather money to buy something. I hardly can imagine how much makeup products which is expensive here cost there. Like an airplane:D

      2. It definitely is cheaper with no makeup, I don’t wear makeup everyday. I usually only put it on if I am going somewhere nice. So i don’t have to buy heaps all the time. Do you wear makeup daily?
        – Sammy.

      3. Not when I’m staying at home:D But yes. When it’s very hot in summer I put just a little. But in general yes, every day!:)

  2. And essence eyeshadows are pretty good, but single shade and 3D, the sun club palette is not good and quad I didn’t try.

    1. Oh okay, I won’t bother trying the palette then, thanks.
      I have only tried that one eyeshadow, but I am really happy with it, it stayed all day without primer I was surprised. And very pigmented which was good.
      – Sammy xo

      1. You made a good choice!:) You can try the one called 3D, such double. I have no idea whether you have them but you can watch among essence. Tthey are very sparkling but stay good.

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