New shoes!



So I have my cousins wedding coming up and I have been searching for that one amazing pair of heels to go with my dress,
I’ve been looking everywhere and yesterday I finally made a decision, and I’m happy with it! πŸ™‚ yay!
Although I went well over budget getting the most expensive shoes! But two ladies that were shopping there also stopped me and said I have to get them! They asked me to try them on and show them and they were in love, I’m not sure if they really liked the shoes or secretly wanted to kidnap me! haha they were lovely πŸ™‚

Anyway so I purchased these babies for $94 on sale, they were $120. They are from Windsor Smith at the DFO store. For those of you not from Australia, DFO is a Direct Factory Outlet shopping centre.

So Hopefully I can get use to walking in them before the day and I hope I look amazing in the dress, as I’m not so sure I actually like it 😦
But fingers crossed I can make it look half normal.

Just booked and paid for the accommodation in Adelaide. I’m getting so excited now!
Looking forward to a little time away with my boyfriend.
About to go book flights if I have enough money 😐



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