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Growing long hair

I thought I would write a blog about growing out your hair and some tips and tricks on keeping it as healthy as possible whilst doing so.
And my own story of growing my hair.

So just about everyone wants long shiny beautiful hair, but no one wants to wait for it to grow, that can take a long time! Trust me, I know!
So I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year and a half now.
Which involves growing my fringe out also, or ‘bangs’ for you Americans!
Although at times it has driven me insane, I’ve not yet given in and cut it.


I have added arrows to the pictures to give you an idea of the length of my hair against my singlet.

In the early stages I had problems with my fringe. I’ve always had a fringe and always thought I would look ugly without one. At the time I started growing my hair I had a short side fringe and as it grew out it would always poke me in the eyes and as it got longer would always end up covering my face. I was forever pushing it off my face and trying to train it to sit differently. I ended up bobby pinning it up every day!

Now I’m one of those people that just didn’t bother going to the hairdresser to get a trim because I was trying to grow it out and I felt that getting a trim defeats the purpose of growing it…
Everyone will tell you to still continue to get it regularly trimmed and it’s probably for the best.

I got into this stage awhile back where it was too much of an annoyance to brush my hair  😐
I know! This is naughty… But I got so lazy and didn’t have the right brush to do it without pain.
Don’t be scared when I say pain, if you have long hair you know what I mean… The pulling of knots and ripping at hair and using a comb was just the same.
However I still combed my hair every time after washing it.

Lucky for me I am not one of those girls who uses heated tools on my hair, so I thought I would be able to grow beautiful healthy shiny hair… I was wrong.
I still get split ends like everyone else and would try everything to fix this. Nothing ever really seemed to work.


I then woke up one day and realised I need to care more for this hair I’ve worked so hard on!!
So I researched what I should be doing, which lead me to start using a mask on my hair every week.
I purchased the ‘Ultimate repair anti-damage mask by Schwarzkopf. Which you only have to leave in for 1 minute. And I also purchased a couple different Moroccan oils. The one I used the most was Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan oil, not only did this smell amazing but the product was good too! It didn’t make my hair look greasy or too oily, and it made my ends soft and shiny and they didn’t have as much frizz to them.


I love the Ultimate repair mask it smells delicious, it’s a hard smell to explain but it’s kind of nutty. My hair always feels good after using it and it feels so much softer and looks shinier. I can also easily brush through my hair with the comb after using this product

I’m now at the stage where I don’t like anything about my hair 😦
It gets in the way, it’s annoying, I miss having a fringe, I don’t do anything with it, I always put it up in a messy bun and never wear it down and I don’t even know what’s going on with the colour.. I had blonde highlights put through it awhile ago making it much brighter and now that’s grown out but I have a different colour growing out and the regrowth is much darker than usual and it has an ombre look, I guess that could be a good thing though? Considering how it’s the ‘in’ thing at the moment!
Yay for my natural ombre!

Any way I have rambled enough about me, so here are some of my tips to getting nice long natural hair

–          Get your hair regularly trimmed at the hairdresser

–          Always brush your hair! Using a boar bristle brush. I personally use a paddle brush with mix bristles of shorter thinner bristles to smooth the hair and the normal nylon thick longer bristles that detangle.

–          Always use a wide toothed comb through your hair after washing it as it gets through the tangles better and doesn’t cause as much damage to your hair

–          Use a hair mask weekly or fortnightly

–          Use minimal heat tools on your hair, yes that includes the hair dryer!

–          Don’t rub/scrunch the towel on your hair when drying

–          Don’t wash your hair daily try to aim for every second or third day

–          Tie your hair up while you sleep

These are just a few tips that I know about. So if you are trying or planning to grow your hair long don’t be discouraged by the time it takes, “some things are worth waiting for”. Try and keep these tips in mind to get healthy undamaged hair. Oh and goodluck!


Sammysbeauty xoxo


10 thoughts on “Growing long hair

  1. Wait.. you don’t get your hair trimmed at all?! That is the worst thing to do when trying to grow your hair because when you get split ends it will keep splitting up the hair shaft further & further & then when you get your hair cut you have to cut a lot off. You should try the tangle teezer. It’s way better than a normal brush. Say goodbye to knots for good!

    1. I know I’m terrible!
      But I did get it trimmed a couple times but only very little.
      However I’m not to worried because I am going to cut it short again soon anyway.
      I haven’t heard of that? I will look into it, thanks 🙂

    1. Tying your hair up at night will keep it out of the way and will allow for a better nights sleep, aswell as avoiding waking up with knotted/matted hair. You want to do everything you can to protect your hair from getting damaged.
      Make sure you use a loose hair tie or scrunchy don’t use elastics, and tie at the top of your head near the crown and make sure it’s loose, you don’t want it to be pulling during the night and cause stress on your scalp.
      I personally like to do a loose low bun or a loose high bun so I can’t feel it when sleeping.
      – Sammy xo

  2. Everyone dream to get cool ombre you have it not even aiming for 😀 I’m a fan of hair maximum 10 sm longer than scapula (is it right word for that bone?). Usually girls with longer hair don’t make hairstyles or just go with straight or curly (wavy) hair and keep their hair in bun (which can be very nice) or simple braid and simple ponytail. They become lazy:D

    1. I know, I’m lucky haha I don’t even know how it happened?

      Yeah that’s right but I would usually use term ‘Shoulder blade’ but I love that you say scapula instead!

      Yes that’s me! I have become so lazy with it, it’s always up haha. I’m boring.

      – Sammy xo

      1. Try to make waves or somethign when you go out with friends for example, may be you will get used. Say to yourself I don’t want to have boring hairstyle:D
        I’m not native speaker I have no idea how this bone called:D Just translated to english. Thank you! Now I know the other way to say.

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