bh cosmetics – haul

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t posted much yet.

Recently I heard about a makeup brand called BH cosmetics , that a lot of beauty guru’s on YouTube had been trying, many had only good things to say so I thought I would give it a try too!
I went on their website exploring and was amazed at just how affordable their products were!
I ordered a few things from their website, eye shadow palettes, lip liner, and an eye and lip primer.

For a while I had wanted to get some eye shadow palettes to try and when I went onto the BH cosmetics site they were having a sale!! Lucky me! It was buy 3, 88 colour eye shadow palettes for only $25!!
At the time I thought this was too good to be true, and thought the eye shadows would be crap, so I went and looked at reviews on particular BH cosmetics products and apparently I was not the only one thinking they would be bad quality however I and many others were wrong.

The 3 eye shadow palettes that came with the ‘buy 3 for $25’ deal were

‘88 color palette cool shimmer eyeshadow’


‘88 color palette tropical shimmer eyeshadow’


‘88 color palette matte eyeshadow’.


And after receiving my products and trying them out I was rather surprised at how good they were.
The quality of these eye shadows is amazing! The colours are so strong and pigmented and smooth, unlike some eye shadows what you see on the palette is how it appears on your skin.
The shimmer palettes actually appear glittery on the skin without the use of a primer.


The lip liner I purchased is a waterproof liner in the colour ‘Earth’ and is the lightest shade they have and is honestly one of the best lip liners I own, it goes on so smooth and the colour is perfect for me.

I also purchased the eye and lip primer to try out, as I don’t have an eye primer.
I can’t really compare it to anything else as I don’t usually use primers. But so far it is a great product.


So I recommend anyone looking for good quality products that are cheap $$$ to have a look on their website.
The prices are so affordable on all the products and they appear to always have a good sale or deal going.
So have a look at their website,

Sammysbeauty xoxo

All opinions and comments made about these products are my own personal opinion and I am not affiliated with bhcosmetics. 


2 thoughts on “bh cosmetics – haul

  1. I placed an order after reading this 😉 I heard about BH cosmetics years ago, but have never bought anything from them. I was in the market for some bright eyeshadows though, so hopefully they are decent quality!

  2. Yay!! I’m so glad I’ve inspired someone to purchase something! 😀
    I hope the photo’s I posted were okay quality, it’s hard to get good quality true to colour photos with eye shadows.
    But the colours are nice and bright! I’m sure you’ll love it!
    I haven’t tried MAC eye shadows but many people say they are as good quality.
    – Sammy xo

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